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I released a poll asking if I should have alts so I’m not relying on one instance. The answer was yes.
In other news, I gotta find a blobcat profile picture.

Today was a productive day of staring at hex dumps. I'm delighted to be using my reverse engineering skills for the greater good.

Hey, question! Some of you have noticed that some follow requests appear as follow requests even though your account is not locked. This is a sort of "junk" filter system and based on your server's moderators decisions (not algorithm). We're adding a message that explains this to the follow requests screen, how does this text sound?

"While your account is not locked, follow requests from accounts your server's staff has deemed suspicious require manual review for your safety"


not being able to plug a second mouse into the computer and get a second cursor was an act of cowardice

So apparently Japanese studio TMS is gradually uploading whole-arse series up on their YouTube channel, including Cybersix and (TIL exists) Virtua Fighter.

Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple. of course, they're shutting most of it down.

@nia Please someone tell Richard Stallman that it is 2020 and you are allowed to say fuck.

"Epic Games is anti-monopoly and is finally bringing about viable competition"

"Epic hurting Linux gaming? just use Windows"

pick one

Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

>playing minecraft
>have extremely overpowered and expensive weapon
>accidentally drop it in the void
the drop key needs a confirmation dialog, fuck

TIL that the "Roblox OOF" sound was yoinked from the 2000 PC game Messiah.

And of course, Roblox's developers are not handling the situation correctly. :blobnervous:

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