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If I say something wrong or bad, do not be afraid to call my ass out on it, please and thank you fedi.

This account has moved.
If you want to stay uptodate on our shinanigans check out @vanillacherry
Boosts ok.

Anybody recommend a good three button mouse that works over USB/ with an adapter?

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What do doctors need to recite to unlock their computers? 

The Hippocratic Oauth

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If you're afraid of not supporting content creators, remember that the revenue they get from ads is absolutely minimal and if you were to donate three cents to their patreon per month you'd probably be giving them more money than your views' worth on YouTube

Donating directly to projects you like is much better than subjecting yourself to ads, both for them and for your mental health

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going through plan9 setup and the drawterm thing doesn't give me login, instead giving me cpu:[cpu] and basically freezing.

I have no clue what's going on here. -c

gonna be chilling over on my account more often.

besides that goodnight

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describe your fucking images, it doesn't have to be long. just two. words. so people using screenreaders aren't left wondering wtf is going on

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asking for money, boost appreciated 

I left my previous job in July because I thought I had another job lined up, but that fell through, and now I've depleted what savings I had

$200 usd would be enough for me to pay utilities and maybe some more groceries. I know a lot of folks are doing hard right now, but if you can spare anything or just boost I'd be very grateful

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"Gifted kids" 


The reason "gifted kids" are so frequently fucked up is because being told over and over again that one is innately better than the other kids engenders partial traits of clinical narcissism in a person. Often these will include a chaotic boom and bust relationship with self-esteem and desire for praise. It has nothing to do with the actuality of being "smart" it's just toxic socialization.

Have a good day!

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Beg post/selling, boosts super appreciated 

I've been unemployed for over a month, idk if I'm actually capable of returning to work right now. So, I'm asking for folks to help out, if you can. And in return I can send you hand drawn stickers! They're drawn on sticker paper and coated with a layer of clear plastic or vinyl.

I'm gonna pick them at random. I have a lot of horror/punk art, so if you need to avoid that let me know

Same address and money in CAD here

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:boost_ok: Anyone know of cool queer±hacker chats I can hang out and chill in? Low level, high level, hacker art, whatever.
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anyone in the #portland area looking for a roommate? I can pay $400 in rent

i need to move out of a very abusive housing situation before being evicted from not vacuuming and mopping everyday (yes this is serious)

boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:

thank you!

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asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


sorry to have to do this yet again

i've been applying for state jobs where DD works so hopefully i won't have to for much longer

i need money for groceries and meds and other necessities

my paypal is

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:


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So you've heard about these "anarchist jurisdictions", and you know it is a joke, meaningless usage of the word Anarchism as a pejorative much the same way these TV dictators froth at the mouth at the mere mention of Communism.

Many people who assume it to be synonymous with chaos and mindless acts of destruction, or maybe just a general air of anti-authoritarianism will skim past this headline and ones like it in the future, but Anarchism is not these things, it is a different way of looking at the world entirely.

If you're curious about what anarchism actually is, consider reading this FAQ to get started with the general principles and some history:

Share this around with your friends in case they are similarly unfamiliar and are also a bit curious what all this fear-mongering fuss is about!

#anarchism :ancom: :antifa:

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Hey, I like DOOM a lot, but I fuckin suck at it.

Recommend me some WADs that are interesting, and perhaps buck the trend of what WADs usually are.

(I've got access to any engine, and any version of DOOM)

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I'm still waiting to hear from unemployment about my appeal for pandemic aid, so I could still use some help. My cashapp is $Underwraps77, my Venmo is @/FarahT (remove the slash) and my paypal is (deadname warning):

If you could share this, I would appreciate it.

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friendly reminder that you don't need to ask for permission to start a revolution

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I maintain a copy of my browser bookmarks here, if you're looking for related things:

They're updated daily.

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