Doom (as in the game) 



Today I got #fedora running on my @PINE64 #pinephone.

(Lots of help from mozzwald on Discord, using megi's 5.6 kernel.)

Dysphoria? Goddammit Dravis.
Missed bus? Goddamnit Dravis.
Hard to find coding bug? GOD FUCKING DAMNIT DRAVIS

Dravis is such a coniving douche that you could blame everything wrong with your life on him.

finished Descent 2: Vertigo Series.
fuck that last boss robot and it's ability to fire enough Earthquake missiles in a minute to take out an entire small asteroid.

what happened to minimal alien contact at worst DRAVIS

shitpost, trans 

Mulder hallucinates that Scully will be killed by government hackers. Smoking Man reveals his connection to the moon landing.

The fucking APTs used an open window in the server room to partially disrupt our services. But we have since hired a Russian dude, so it will never happen again.

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