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If I say something wrong or bad, do not be afraid to call my ass out on it, please and thank you fedi.

This account has moved.
If you want to stay uptodate on our shinanigans check out
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Anybody recommend a good three button mouse that works over USB/ with an adapter?

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What do doctors need to recite to unlock their computers? 

The Hippocratic Oauth

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If you're afraid of not supporting content creators, remember that the revenue they get from ads is absolutely minimal and if you were to donate three cents to their patreon per month you'd probably be giving them more money than your views' worth on YouTube

Donating directly to projects you like is much better than subjecting yourself to ads, both for them and for your mental health

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going through plan9 setup and the drawterm thing doesn't give me login, instead giving me cpu:[cpu] and basically freezing.

I have no clue what's going on here. -c

gonna be chilling over on my account more often.

besides that goodnight

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So you've heard about these "anarchist jurisdictions", and you know it is a joke, meaningless usage of the word Anarchism as a pejorative much the same way these TV dictators froth at the mouth at the mere mention of Communism.

Many people who assume it to be synonymous with chaos and mindless acts of destruction, or maybe just a general air of anti-authoritarianism will skim past this headline and ones like it in the future, but Anarchism is not these things, it is a different way of looking at the world entirely.

If you're curious about what anarchism actually is, consider reading this FAQ to get started with the general principles and some history:

Share this around with your friends in case they are similarly unfamiliar and are also a bit curious what all this fear-mongering fuss is about!

#anarchism :ancom: :antifa:

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I maintain a copy of my browser bookmarks here, if you're looking for related things:

They're updated daily.

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supporting creators and piracy are not mutually exclusive, don't fall for easily discredited MPAA rhetoric :ms_pirate_flag: #pirate

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i've seen at least 3 white people in less than a month use mental health as an excuse for being horrible to other people, usually in racist ways

that's not how it works, and honestly this isn't something that should have to be a regular reminder for y'all

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My thinking is more like this: everyone is miserable because everyone is stressed out because everyone is working too much. If everyone had more time off, everyone would be happier and healthier.

But my brain doesn't go fast enough to have a conversation about this. I need to stop and think about what I think.

And as long as people like my fellow employee are voting, our quality of life will probably continue to decline.

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I expressed my desire for everyone to have *more* time off, but she asked, who is going to pay for it? I said that there is enough value to pay for it, but she was not convinced.

Her line of thinking seems clear: If she could just pay less in taxes, she would have more money at her disposal, and her quality of life would be better.

The spirit of "paid family leave" is that one parent stays home with the baby…so that the other parent can work.

It's all a very work-centric, money-centric world.

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A fellow employee went on an anti-union rant yesterday because an employee at her boyfriend's plant is using his state-paid family leave to attend every home football game.

She believes that if people like him didn't abuse the system, her taxes would be lower, and her quality of life would improve.

She said the state should enforce how the time off is used.

I said that enforcement would cost even more tax dollars (nevermind that, in hindsight, this seems rather draconian).

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Help, can't find a fedi artist.

I remember a fedi artist who shared their website/online store a couple of weeks ago. I am frustrated I cannot find them anymore, should have followed them at the first place.

Their visual are geometrical and IIRC some colorful shirts and tank tops were also sold. The default currency was set in Indian rupees.

Any ideas anyone?


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society will be enlightened when someone can say "women and enbies" and both they and everyone else simply understand it as "I'm taking a break from men right now" rather than some permutation of invalidating nonbinary people and characterizing them in terms of the gender binary

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"After over 10,000 arrests, what is Hong Kong going to do with all its dissidents?"…

> A first, obvious consideration is whether there will be enough space for what looks like a flood of prisoners heading for incarceration. Many of them will be there for very long periods of time as sentencing has traditionally been harsh in Hong Kong, and it is getting harsher as the Department of Justice presses for ever longer jail sentences.

> Secondly, what will happen to all these people once they are inside? There is strong evidence from history here, not least from the experience of jailed Communists prior to the Chinese Revolution. The lesson is that concentrating very large numbers of dissidents in jail turns the jails into schools for rebellion.

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So far and from what I remember:
- Thunderbird has almost died, not sure if it's current state could be called alive
- mozembed
- XULRunner (and other XUL stuff)
- FirefoxOS
- Persona ("Sign In with Mozilla")
- Mozilla Suite (at least Seamonkey is a thing)
- Some libre flash reimplementation, forgot the name shumway maybe?
- Is Servo declared dead with the layoff?
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