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Triatominae on train with me. Here’s hoping it is -free

I don’t want to be the guy who says he can’t understand what the bus driver is saying, but… 😳 I hope it is not something important. I am just nodding along acting like he’s just chatting. It is way too noisy on this mini bus.

Neighboring office tenants just got a second Generac generator and judging by its size they basically doubled their generating capacity.

“I’m calling from Google Maps, do you have a minute?”
“No, I don’t. Thank you.” [click]

I really wonder if that was Google Maps and why they would ever call me.

Using Python to Parse Spreadsheet Data - SitePoint
Some day I may dig into this.

In case you missed this from a couple of years ago. hosts Heavy Metal championship

Apparently people are using it for getting back into the “dating scene,” so that does not really apply for me 😂 Of course, neither does vacation.

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Just found out that “Hot Vax Summer” has to do with having a big summer vacation now that vaccines are out and has nothing to do with

Rode mass transit today for first time since May, 2020. In March or April, I stopped generally, but rode one time in May just to see.

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After reading about the demise of PM Holt, I am not sure about the naming of this swimming center.



We are not out of the woods yet. 99% or 97% effective or whatever stat your particular vaccine boasts means that some small percentage are going to get it anyway. Does that mean don’t bother getting vaccinated? No! It means more people need to get it than the number we have currently stalled at. It also means we need to continue to social distance.

I think this could have been save had it not been out in the rainstorm last night.

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Been trying for months to have Cisco Meraki get with me on renewing the license on one of our appliances. So far, I have only gotten one response. That was to say that they'd be in touch soon. The thing expires tomorrow. 🤷‍♂️

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