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@publius I will have to admit that much of my understanding of 18th and 19th century economics is filtered through Heilbronner and his WORLDLY PHILOSOPHERS. I have, read some Smith, some Ricardo, some Mill, some Marx, and good bit of Veblen (mainly for insights into consumerism).

“Mill regarded the material inequality generated by capitalism as one of the primary reasons for the increasing lack of freedom — and precisely because Mill is a liberal thinker, he demonstrates himself open to forms of social organisation other than capitalism.”

Time to re-think John S. Mill?


This is the "I’ve done my research“ checklist/quiz.

I can’t tell if that movie Moonfall is going to be good or awful.

Linking to the CDC web site gets you blocked by FB as a contributing to spam. 🤷

Pizza in the salt mines... is still pizza in the salt mines.

covid, ivermectin 

Why do I suspect that there is little overlap between those doctors prescribing ivermectin and membership in the AMA (which apparently is only about 15% of active physicians according to their stats)?

@SDF eventually it installed the updates and started. Whew.

Server has suddenly started sending html files as a download instead of displaying them.

To top it off, file is actually a .php file that is suppose to be parsed as php but I had some handler specified in the configuration to do that and now I don’t quite recall how that was done. Bottom line is that now it is both not displaying it as html nor is it parsing it as php. 🤷


If you think Biden is a "socialist," you can I say this politely? ...incorrect.

Went to DPS office on 25th. Received license in mail today. Not bad. Not bad at all.

File under “That cannot possibly be good”: Train to Busan getting U.S. remake.

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