Meet the Engineer Preserving the Last Analog Motion Graphics Machine (2017 video)

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I shared this meme four years ago. Little did I realize how many legislators in the GOP would kowtow to him out of fear.

@publius I used a reverse dictionary to find lots of potential ones ending in ‘st.’

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Thanks to Instagram for telling me to go to Canada for current COVID information. 🤷‍♂️

@KelsonV 2014! How did I miss this for so long? I am an Internet failure. 😨 and are available from if you were wondering.

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“There’s one thing Evil cannot stand, and that is forgiveness.” Fred Rogers quoting William F. Orr

dad joke: How do you get Pikachu on the bus? 

You Pokémon.

(Told to me by a mom)

Taking photos of my screen to send to developer bc it is easier to do that than figure out how to do screenshots and get them on my phone to text. Got distracted.

@capngloval I don't really see the problem here. ...I mean, until the wind whips up.

After looking into it, it seems that this is one of these new things where because of COVID, the film is in theaters and available for streaming at the same time, so I guess the rental price is in lieu of seeing it in theaters, and they figure more than one person will watch.

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This is mind-bogglingly infuriating.

"Georgia Mob Lynches Black Man Walking Down Road; Later Claims Mistaken Identity" ...and gets away with it. Whelp, you meant to kill that other 'negro,' so that's ok.

Film recommended by acquaintance is $19.99 to rent online for two days. When did video rentals get so expensive? Is this because it is new and not in theaters? Will it come down if I wait? How is this better than paying $9.00 to see it in a theater (assuming non-COVID)?

@danrabbit I have mainly had women doctors as an adult (like only one dude), and generally I would say I prefer women, but I also had one who I felt was a real a-hole, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Not really a sports fan, but enjoyed this story:

Kelly Loeffler Just Lost Her WNBA Team to a Player She Refused to Meet

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