Sorry, directory is called "Outlook Logging."

Anyway, I just threw out all the logs over three months old. I can't even imagine needing a log from a week ago.

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Ugh, just found Outlook is creating log files with extension .etl in the directory c:\Users\cseiler\Appdata\Local\Temp\Outlook Data
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Sixteen GB(!) of logs since middle of last year. Why don't programs clean up after themselves, especially when logging is supposedly off. Response to user on above thread is that the amount of logging is normal. I really don't think mine is.

...then I have to help the co-worker convert from HEIC to somethin they can use.

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Granted, email was never really designed to handle file attachments. What we have is really bad, but it does generally work. Alternatives do make sense. However sending someone 20 links that the recipient must request access to, then having the recipient go back and retrieve each file is a pain not to mention, it looks like you must have and expose your Gmail account to them. There has to be a better/easier way for non-technical end users.

Ugh. Should have thought this through and let this run over the weekend or something.

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Think you'd enjoy set dressing The Garden Path? I'm currently looking for someone to help me do just that! 🌲 🌳

No coding or game development experience required. Looking for someone with an interest or an eye for natural environments, and moderate computer literacy.

Could be ideal for someone looking for their first game credit.

More info/how to apply

Boosts appreciated!

Pretty incredible. I don’t normally go for this style, but this is primo. Question, though: the description mentions editing and mixing, so now I wonder if any of this was double-tracked. Anyone know if that is allowed or acceptable in the form?

‘We’ve Structured Our Economy to Redistribute a Massive Amount of Income Upward’

Interview with Dean Baker

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Holy crap! Why is this guy even still around? I guess so we can share stupid stuff like this:

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WTF is wrong with us!?

«A Teen Called For Masks In School After His Grandma Died Of COVID. Adults Mocked Him»

I dare you to hit shift-ctrl-end by touch using this layout.

If I ever have to fill in when she is out, I am bringing a keyboard.

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Coworker has “ergonomic” keyboard. This is the worst part of it. Sucks when you use the navigation keys by feel all the time.


Masoud Khalili مسعود خلیلی reflects upon the events of 9/9/01 and the past 20 years.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s legacy | The World from PRX

Yeah that street sweeper was cruising at 70 mph on the Interstate. 😆 don’t think I have seen that before. 🤔

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Seriously, I don’t even understand why this position exists at a congregation. It is clear that I have a different expectation regarding congregational staffing.

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