Anyone else getting 502 Bad Gateway error when using the NextCloud web interface?

Looks like is having issues.

Client won't log in, and

reports internal server error.

META folks, check your email (Monday) for an announcement regarding stuff available to you.

Any fans of these on ? It came up in a forum I occasionally follow and I am not familiar (or have simply forgotten).

Do members have access to put up a file available for anonymous FTP?

Broke a plastic tab that holds a piece on my car. I need some semi-permanent glue to hold it in place. Plastic-to-plastic. I can't use super glue because I need to get back in there. Silicone adhesive, RTV? Hot glue gun? Something else? maker people, tell me what to use.

Sorry to hear about I have been using it for years and never knew of its origin or really anything else about it. I will go through and figure out what I am signed up with that address. Pretty sure Mastodon is one thing. The rest is largely junk mail, so maybe it’s discontinuation will slow some of that.

Did anyone else on notice that their NextCloud seems to have been reset to September?

Connection is refused when connecting to But, I am able to connect with Anyone else?

I asked this before, I think. Did the t-shirts go out yet from the Meta Arpa promo?

Trying to explain to someone why I'm here at this instance on Mastodon. I learned about it on bboard, so naturally I'm here rather than some other instance. What is it that makes Mastodoners a cohesive grouop, if anything? Are most of us people, so naturally have that weird thing in common? (I use "weird" the most loving way, of course)

Is it possible to do a publicly shared file on the NextCloud? Or do all shared files have to have a password or be shared with another name NextCloud user? So, for example, can you use that space to host photos posted on web forums?

Just noticed that now has cert and I didn't have to even do anything. I saw the post about changes and didn't realize what was being communicated. If this is the result, thanks team!

Just got an email at my work email address about and Toobnix upgrade. I have no idea how they got my work email. Big data strikes again.

Anyone have a decent reader class for that will work with PHP v 5.6.33 on ?

Basically want an easier way to parse a csv file and format it into HTML without trying to whack my own using fgetcsv

(posted to bboard HELPDESK, too)

Anyone else see running very slow this morning? Logged into

What's the difference between com and pcom on ? I was not aware of pcom

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