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Covid, meme 

Uncertain source. Via Ellen’s Restaurant, Dallas

What is an “incident” that is not an “injury”? Just curious.

religion, parable of the Good Samaritan 

Wearing my American flag mask so when someone says, “why do you live in fear,” I can say “F you. I love America, what’s your problem?!”

This was floating around last year about this time.

While they may have the future on tape, the device that could be used to recover it is squarely stuck in the past.

Triatominae on train with me. Here’s hoping it is -free

I think this could have been save had it not been out in the rainstorm last night.

“A heavy and thick taste graceful seasoning is one of the things we have to most treasured.”

Most of these Japanese snacks have great English. It’s usually brief and to the point. This one is the exception.

Yep, it works. Not solar, just an incredible battery and what is a probably tiny draw.

Why I hate our DC17 Animal. The line is where Dyson folk think it should be emptied as it fills up the bottom of the canister. However, in reality carpet fuzz and animal hair actually packs in at the top of the canister and does not drop down.

In Spanish this is a gray cat, but in English you get silver!

guns, Texas 

I mean, in Texas, who is going to challenge you when you walk in with your gun/penis strapped to the side of your hip? Seems to me that the people who ignore these signs are exactly the kind of people you don’t want to have to challenge in a public place like this. I just left.

Yeah, EdX, that is exactly the thing I am going to do at age 52.

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