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Does anyone know what the color and symbols mean on GoFundMe avatars next to people's donations? Some are green. Some are gray. My own does not show a little heart even though I'm not logged into GoFundMe, so I don't know how it knows who I am or why I am different from everyone else. Just figured out that the gray with hearts are "Anonymous."

Google and help have not been helpful.

8 bagel “thins” (13oz) for $3.59 but six regular bagels (20oz) are $3.29. Because “free market.”

ec?, running 

That last mile was rough with wind and rain in the face. December streak completed. I did at least two miles every day in April, May, and December. 134 miles in December and 1018 miles for the year.

Look through your photos on your phone and find accidental shots. Post them to this thread.

Can you tell where I caught my toe and fell while running this morning?

Tried to get out early before the coming rain, keeping my streak going for December. Only a little cold drizzle on me.

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