Taking photos of my screen to send to developer bc it is easier to do that than figure out how to do screenshots and get them on my phone to text. Got distracted.

Can someone explain to me the reason over the last while or so people have been posting photos that are screen shots of photos from their phone instead of the original photo? What is it that makes that easier or whatever that they manage one but not the other? If you have the photo in the library, why take a screenshot to put it I. The library to send it? See example:

Is this misleading, Newegg? Yes. I would say that it is.

txpol, Twitter 

Tell this to your freezing grandma.

Everyone hanging in there? I think this is our fourth rolling blackout.

These are supposed to be creamy chips with lemon. Note lemon pictured in upper right corner. To me, they just taste like sour cream and onion chips with less onion.

As part of the global rich, I fear these words. My other fear is that those richer than I do not.

Acquaintance locally is sharing a job offering looking for professionals. I have mixed feelings.

Fish flavored potato chips. Not as bad as you might think.

I've been buying Nakatomi Corporation because those institutional investors and hedge funds have been holding it down for too long.

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