Ugh. Should have thought this through and let this run over the weekend or something.

Coworker has “ergonomic” keyboard. This is the worst part of it. Sucks when you use the navigation keys by feel all the time.

church, polity 

Seriously, I don’t even understand why this position exists at a congregation. It is clear that I have a different expectation regarding congregational staffing.


This is the "I’ve done my research“ checklist/quiz.

Any ideas of how to mount the SDF NextCloud in PCManFM-Qt?

I thought it was WebDav compatible, but when I try this info, it isn't working, saying "HTTP:error found" then saying it wasn't mounted.

“Pepsi NAMA super-refreshing cola made with some ingredients including freshly-harvested cola spice, produced under non-heating process. It’s taste gives you the great feeling.”

These aren’t bad, but as usual they come pretty much melted during the Texas summer.

This stuff tastes like what I imagine a Hall’s blue cough drop mixed with a Dubble Bubble bubblegum would taste like.

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