Am I the only for which Google Maps does not display correctly in Firefox under Windows?

Looks fine in Chrome/Chromium and Firefox under Linux. It is particular to FF on my Windows. A search indicates this can be caused by HWA, so I turned that off.

The problem is on Default view that I cannot see street names. They do show up on Satellite view. Sometimes as I zoom in streets get "fat" rather than remaining thin.

Works OK in Safe mode, but no even with extensions removed and HWA off, no go

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@cs That sounds crazy specific. I bet it is something about (a cookie or other setting) your current profile, and not really OS related.

Create a new profile (start Firefox from windors+r, or from cmd) using "firefox.exe -P", create a new fresh profile, and start Firefox from that same dialog with your new profile.

Dollars to donuts, that will work.

@chance oh, but it also does it on another machine when I am logged in as a different user, so unless we have the same problem…

@chance Yep, that did it. I've seen stuff like this in the past where a Firefox update corrupts a profile and the two computers went through a similar upgrade path so both experience the same problem even though two different users and profiles.

Now I have to figure out what (if anything) I need to save/migrate from the first profile.

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