Can someone explain to me the reason over the last while or so people have been posting photos that are screen shots of photos from their phone instead of the original photo? What is it that makes that easier or whatever that they manage one but not the other? If you have the photo in the library, why take a screenshot to put it I. The library to send it? See example:

A little searching suggests (other than metadata) that some people are trying a shortcut to save space bc screenshots are smaller than photos.

If you go through that, why not trim out the border of your photo app?

metadata suppression perhaps?

or, it's just the lowest-friction way to get an image from one app into another for posting.


@EdS I am thinking it is the latter. There is something making it challenging for them to get the photo from the “camera roll” somehow.

@cs @EdS On ios you have to allow the app to access the photo library, so if you can’t figure out how to do that in settings (its under privacy) you can do a screenshot and paste the photo from clipboard.

This is my speculation about why.

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