Everyone hanging in there? I think this is our fourth rolling blackout.

What blows me away is the number of people on local social media who are totally blindsided by this. They’re complaining about loss of power and wondering what’s going on. Do people not pay attention to the news? They have been talking about rolling blackouts for the last two days at least.

FWIW, bedroom got to 50°F with the last one. It was about 45min duration. We are attempting to conserve. But we have gas heat, so our meter is barely moving.


Cripes! Here in south Fort Worth we've had no power interruptions yet. The heat is gas, but of course the blower is electric, so it would get pretty cold in here. In the '90s there was some work done on using thermoelectric elements to power furnace blowers, so that people wouldn't freeze in a big winter blackout, but the idea seems not to have been widely adopted. Honestly, an Ericsson-type hot-air engine would probably be perfectly suitable!

@publius ERCOT has mandated that all
providers roll right now. Surprised when several people have not had outages at all. I asked about it, and friend who works for DME says they are just lucky to be on a critical circuit.


Could be the water pumping station or the telephone exchange, I guess. I wish the ERCOT Web site made it easier to figure out what is actually going on.

But seriously, I want Comanche Peak 3&4. Let's stop wasting money on generating assets which may or may not be there when the load is. That's not just wind & solar, but also most gas-fired generation : you don't get cheap fuel on a firm-delivery contract.


Since the furnace is gas, but the blower is electric, I have turned up the thermostat. The warmer we start out, the longer it takes to cool down. Also I have several UPSs, but it's not like I can run an electric blanket on one to keep Grandma warm!

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