I ran 6.21 km in 46 minutes, according to the treadmill. Google Fit thinks that I ran 7.23 km. Silly Google and their closed apps.

I live in Canada. It's December. No. 🇨🇦😜


@bradfonseca Yeah, I don't have that excuse here in north Texas. 28F this morning. Ran New Year's Day last year at 14F and icy, but that is about as bad as it gets. :) Come July, I'll trade you.

I suspect it's almost as hot here in July and humid. 🔥

Google Fit was measuring my run distance over by at least 1 km the last couple 10 km "races" I ran (e.g. organised runs with set courses) so running outside doesn't help. My issue is that I can't calibrate the app in any way.

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