«To be clear, we can and should be spending our dollars at independent businesses as much as possible, both to support our local communities and to avoid contributing to the massive wealth and terrible labor practices of retail megaliths. But buying a couple of extra items from the bookstore around the corner likely won’t save it — even if everyone in town does the same.»

Good article but I'm not sure how we change things.

"I’m angry more than hopeful. I think I’m fueled by the anger. I’m fueled by the injustice in that sense of “this is wrong.” I really don’t like the gaslighting that goes on. Neoliberalism relies a lot on gaslighting. “What you see is not happening, it’s something else.” That kind of switcheroo, that kind of mindfucking...It’s very damaging. "

@bradfonseca I some ways the headline promises something the article doesn’t deliver on.

I, like many, want a vibrant downtown filled with local shops. However, I also shop based on what I can afford and what is convenient for me. This is difficult, and I know there are a great number of people who never even consider that the current state of affairs is not ordained.

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