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i would fucking hate it if my chariot driver turned out to be lord vishnu and was like 'now i am become death, destroyer of worlds' at me

#Metatext 1.0.0 is live in the App Store!

Metatext is a free, open source Mastodon client for iOS. It remembers your home timeline position, has a searchable emoji picker, and many more great features.

how on earth have i never heard a programmer say they are going to 'defrag the system' when going to the toilet?

🇬🇧 Today is #FreedomofInformationDay. Freedom of information is the right to free access to official information. It is one of the most important fundamental rights in the knowledge society. We have a right to know the truth!

does anyone knows a way to set up a terminal color scheme from the command line instead of using the terminal emulator settings?

Been really into lately, any recommendations that may have I been missing?

I wish there was a documentary about the history of fried rice in various countries where it's a staple.

It's so unbiquitous, so flexible, and yet so regionally distinct.

Surely there is a fascinating story to tell there.

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