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What if we put A sandwich on top of Duke Nukem's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

This month's Monthly Music Book Club album (EP, technically) is "Tether" by Nicole Marxen.

Bandcamp Friday is this Friday, if you pick up then, Bandcamp give their share of the sale back to the artist. Also available on Spotify (and presumably other streaming services).

Let's have a listen and get together in the XMPP room ( the weekend of 27/28 March.

#mmbc #nowplaying @mmbc

lewd, graphic/gore-ish, weird shit 

pick your industrial music video gender
- literally porn
- internal organs and bones but with weird machines attached to them
- weird steampunk-y machines but with lots of chains
- concerning torture shit
- orange tint and film grain/video distortion effects
- friendly bugs crawling around :)

how the fuck do they even come up with this

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🦆 the amount of love i feel is almost overwhelming, help

@mdhughes I want moneeeey.

So I can purchase the space to be weird and wonderful.

Mr Kirk
Do you have a son named Robert, Robert Kirk aged 17,
I'm sorry Mr Kirk,
You better come down to the station house,
Your son is dead,
Dead, h-h-h-how
He died of an overdose

Explora el extraño mundo de los #fractales y descubre el poder de la repetición-> Conéctate el Sábado 6 de Marzo a las 5:00 pm #ranchoelectronico por #jitsi

Terminal Dashboard changes 

I added server up/down indicators and tweaked the gemini visitor stats graph a little.

I am probably going start writing up something about this for my gemini capsule soon.

Some images from my latest Instagram photo essay on @Yashaswini_Ch 's magnificent "The Tale of the Horse". We're doing a hybrid event this Friday @BIC_Blr and @MAPBangalore, and I can barely rein in my excitement!

More details at

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