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Hi. I'm Jaina. And you're browsing Mastodon.

*uses a glow stick to draw a hammer and sickle in the bottom left corner of the screen*

You are all now aware that the Skeleton Panda Sea Squirt is a thing.

Some personal news, working on getting all retro achievements on Tetris DX

I've been enjoying 'sleep' mixes of Autechre and Boards of Canada lately while working


Today I experimented with various ways to render a point cloud in a-frame.

This is a part of my masters thesis design project, an interactive story about algorithmic crime prediction and its implications for the future

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I say this because when I talk about my personal projects, say building my own static site generator, responses fall into these two broad categories.

“Cool how does it work?”
“I thought about doing that once!”


“That seems like a waste of time, just use Hugo”
“You’ll never get many users, there’s too much competition”

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Today's harvest: Beefsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica)
This thing has many names. In German it's also called "Leberreischling", "Leberpilz" or "Ochsenzunge" (ox tongue).
#mushrooms #foraging

Apparently this is news to many in the West, but... China is not an ethnic monolith. Not nearly. Not even close. More like... the direct opposite of that.

Please boost! Abuse mention. 

Please help my friend Juno escape her abusive household. Any little amount helps, with rent and travel and whatnot. Seriously, any amount can make a difference. Please share this around!

I wish we had more dumb storage media.

These days, most storage devices - USB sticks, HDDs, SD cards - have a builtin controller and firmware. If it gets pwned, you can't trust any data on the device, and there's no easy way to verify the firmware.

Back in the day, we used to use Floppies, tapes and CDs. In case of these, the controller was part of the computer, and you only removed the raw medium.

Tapes are still around, but they're pretty niche...

*emoji de mate que no hay en esta instancia*

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