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@crispr it’s kind of freeing knowing that nobody will remember us in 100 years! We’re here in this moment and we’re here for each other

Don't you ever feel like there's no room for you in the ? I'm not talking about hopelessnes, nor a gloomy kind of . Just the simple yet liberating realization that all you want in life is to have fun and burn without leaving any ashes behind. Should I feel embarrassed about it?

hmm ... I think I'm having one of those " you are not your job" moments again. Not sure if it's good or not, at least not in the current circumstances

Actually I do like wearing facemaks, honestly. I think they look cool 😷

@crispr Besides a phone, it's the "lowest common denominator" of communications for the people I encounter. It still works well for asynchronous communications. Especially since many, many people don't check voicemail anymore (they just see they missed a call and maybe return it). The only time I run into problems using email is when I communicate with somebody young who only has social media accounts, which doesn't work for me. :)

I've been sitting alone indoors for 28 years, formulating the coolest opinions the world has ever seen

@shonalika hey! just step a minute to say I'm a huge fan of your music and just took a look at your awesome youtube channel✨ I'm delightful!, love your in deep video essays and quality material. Hope you keep it up for a long time, cheers :)

got a new phone. god phones are terrible arent they. extremely boring

Purism is doing very nice work making powerful, mostly-free laptops. But that's the problem--mostly free.

amd64 is so hostile towards software freedom I really don't think it should have a place in this community for much longer.

Purism was doing reverse engineering work on Intel ME in an effort to get it fully disabled and Intel sent them a legal letter. If that isn't hostility I don't know what is.

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things you can never unsee and it's kinda cruel towards insects/butterflies specifically

so much of art predicting (even live!) butterflies are actually drawn after dead, pinned butterflies in an unnatural positon :<<
basically, if the line between top and bottom part of the wings is horizontal, it's ded
first picture is a live monarch butterfly, second is a (drawn) dead one, notice how different the wing position is

me leftist infighting 

@showerpickles it sort of chafes me when folks are like "lol why are you siding with tankies" or whatever, because there's a whole lived context there that people are ignoring. sometimes deliberately

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