Too bad I found this rather cool picture in an awful article I would not give the sympathy to cite full of fascist remarks ... but anyways, the image is gold

Not a huge dude but, I been reading and for the sake of good taste I really hope 2021 to be the year we finally be allowed to wear sick lizard heads and skull helmets in public

Okay I know I should be working but, in the meantime, please accept this picture of sipping some good matecitos 🧉 (or if you will) Artist: Guillermo Verdun

"Did you know that Ass Demons are one of the leading causes of death for cybernetically enhanced demons over 3,000 eons of age?

With that premise, I'm happy to say today I reached my lowest yet more sublime point in terms of general bad taste 💩. This is so far one of my favorite wads to date. I mean you perform colonoscopy on a cyberdemon, how cool is that?

If you use weechat-discord or any other third party client for , chances are your login token will be requiered.

Here's a handy solution on how to get it from the discord web client using the firefox network inspector. Originally posted by user llamasking on github

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