me on my third attempt to properly set up a for the first time ... I'm such a huge n00b for fuck's sake 🤭 😂😭

So ... I made a really poor coded script that lets you take images from one or many websites and display them as a playlist in the player. I couldn't find proper quality software to do it better so, it's what it is. Anyway, if anyone is need of something like this I will upload it later.

anyone else having this weird error when trying to connect via in to the Public Access Unix System?

Error -16 activating session
Couldn't create ECDH ephemeral key data

I have no issues whatsoever with the SSH command in a regular linux terminal. So the problem is not my login information but rather the way syncterm is handling my keys. I already contacted the developers but if anyone here knows a solution I'll really apreciate some help.

violence; blood; death; guns 

I can't believe never pay enought attention to the whole BBS scene. This is great.

Screencap taken from:

ohh I should definitely try to play this, it's beautiful. The autor did include the original sheet. However I will upload it here for anyone having trouble accessing photobucket.

Inner Universe (violin) ~ Ghost in the Shell

PORT: 4201

"8BitMUSH is a collaborative virtual world, based upon text-based artwork (16-color ANSI Art, 256-color FANSI Art, and colorless ASCII Art.) Every player is encouraged to extend the world with their own creations, and explore the creations of others. The community is very social, with a unique culture and over 10 years of history."

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