@crispr Was this what eventually turned into Shenzhen.io?

@apetresc no idea ... what is Shenzhen.io? a friend of mine just recommend me this game, but I didn't try it yet .. not that I have the technicall knowledge to properply enjoy it but still, the concept is really cool, also it has a cryptic story behind of it and honestly I'm all for anything that works as an incentive to learn something new haha 😅

@crispr Oh, Shenzhen.io is an assembly programming puzzle game made by the same developer - Zachtronics. It was released on Steam sometime after 2015 when this video was posted, so I suspect the version in this video is like a prototype/proof-of-concept of what eventually became Shenzhen.io. Just a guess though.

@apetresc ohh I didn't know that! thank you I'll search for that game too, maybe it is related, you are right

@crispr Oh, it's actually spelled "Shenzhen I/O" rather than "Shenzhen.io", my mistake 🙂

@apetresc @crispr

The same author has made several similar games, as well as games of other types.

@crispr TIS-100 is great! I miss playing it after my migration to OpenBSD!

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