it's just me or a decade ago it used to be way easier to form and maintaing long term friendships over the ?

@Nikolai_Kingsley believe it or not is the first time I hear about this. Eternal September ... what a nice name for a synth band haha

@Nikolai_Kingsley hell yes! just add some synth drums on the back and a few Korg Kronos notes 🤩


.. always expect Richard Burton to tell us about the Martian War Machines attacking a small ship after this.

@crispr It's completely Eternal September. Computer-mediated discourse always seems to take that downward trend. My take on it is that without people's faces and time involved, nobody puts any empathy into their communications. And also, those bonds or sparks don't last like IRL ones. Most definitely, there are times I miss older IRC / AIM / Yahoo days.

@chance not sure if it's something platform-related or a symptom of societal alienation ... anyway, I was younger and more relatable 10 years ago, maybe I'm just looking into the past through those infamous rose tinted glasses

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