what's the oldest "this information is correct as of" you've ever found while browsing the debian wiki

i just found "working configuration as of September 7, 2007" on an article that references linux kernel 2.6.21

i used to use debian stable, until one day i found out that gimp 2.10 had been out for several months (over half a year iirc) while stable was still on 2.8, at which point i switched to testing

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i switched to arch in 2017 or so after reading that a long-standing issue with my laptop had been fixed in the latest linux kernel, and then realising that said linux kernel version wouldn't be arriving on debian for like a year, and that arch had it mere days after release

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this is what it feels like to come across a debian wiki page saying something like "TODO: as of debian etch this no longer works, needs an update"

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@lynnesbian using debian on a desktop just sounds like torture to me



@lynnesbian I love Debian and it's my distro of choice since a long time but it can be a pain in the ass sometimes ... I mean they keep using the excuse of stability to maintain obsolete software. I use mostly the backport repository nowadays.

@crispr @felix @lynnesbian if you like Debian but don't like old software, Sid is surprisingly stable. It gets new kernels within weeks of a release (I think I was an average of one release behind upstream when I was using Sid) and most other software is in a similar position at worst

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