Not playing videogames anymore because any time I ask for advice I get told to join the fucking discord. I will not join the discord. I will never join the discord. Put your knowledge base on something more accessible than a third party messaging app that could disappear at any moment you walking pairs of clown shoes


@mint not to mention discord interfase is confusing and unnecesary messy in my humble opinion. I wish many more people in the gaming comunity at least dare to try Matrix instead, they may love it.

@crispr i've found matrix to be a horizontal move mostly, and managed to muck up things quite badly in my confusion compared to discord, but that could be because i only tried it after using disc for well over a year

did you use matrix first?

@carcinopithecus I started with discord but to be fair I didn't give it too much of a chance. Either way since I'm not much of a gamer and the particular gaming communities I frequent fortunatly use other channels it was easy for me to move over Matrix (which again, doesn't have a really active gaming comunity but it works pretty well for software development and other tech related topics).

@crispr in my case i'm on discord for
- 1 game mod
- the gf, who games a lot more than i do
- a couple friends who needed something after aim died, one of whom games a lot and the other just needed whichever platform they needed to communicate with other people

@carcinopithecus still I think it could be really cool to see a discord-like matrix client one day. I think that may potentially improve it's adherence to a wider public, specially the people who's well used to and commfortable with discord

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