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So, I finally set up my website. Still pretty much 🚀 barebones but I'll try to keep it updated for the sake of p r e t t y s h i n n y t h i n g s ✨ 💫 💎
That said, come home to visit me sometime 😉 -->

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PEEP: Passively Eavesdropping Private Input via Brainwave Signals

"The attackers’ motive in this study is to passively eavesdrop on victim’s neuralsignals, recorded by BCI devices, looking for sensitive information (e.g., PINs orpasswords) entered on a virtual or a physical keyboard."

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“It’s creepy what they’re doing, but there will be many more of these companies. There is no monopoly on math,” said Al Gidari, a privacy professor at Stanford Law School. “Absent a very strong federal privacy law, we’re all screwed.”

Sentirse inútil es perder contra el capitalismo y su productividad. Somos más que sombras en pos de la eficiencia. Somos más que bits cargados de ansiedad.


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Verdad Verdadera

El 90% del tiempo en Radios Comunitarias se pasa desenredandonos y enredándonos con los cables.

It's 10 am, the sun is hitting hard, just slept two hours and having the worst hangover of my life while driving through the main avenue I can totally relate to the guy who wears glasses on top of that tank. Goodmorning fediverse, hope you all got your coffee already and remember to put sunscreen if you go outside ... and drink a lot of water!.

'marketplace of ideas'
imagine a world where people are so hopelessly trapped inside capitalist thought processes that even the very concept of ideas must be thought of in terms of a marketplace

So I made a Liberapay if you want to support this brand new broadcast platform that is Neuvoids :tealheart:

spectrophilia, lewd, sex, +18, 

No one needs to starve. No one needs to freeze. No one needs to die. There is enough for everyone. More empty homes than all the people without them, more food than grocers can even sell. The labor and the materials to end scarcity exist now. It is not a far-off dream. We can end scarcity in this life.

I like mastodon because I follow a lot of people and I don't think any of them think cops are good

Bring back console backwards compatibility

If you think applications shouldn't have settings you're a cop send toot

:inf: Noticia de hace 11 años:
Los propietarios de Kindle descubrieron que Amazon había borrado silenciosamente las copias electrónicas de '1984' de George Orwell de sus libros electrónicos Kindle. En este proceso, Amazon reveló lo fácil que será la censura digital, precisamente en la era de Kindle.

Se formó un alboroto, con clientes indignados que señalaban la ironía de que Amazon estaba borrando copias de una novela sobre un estado mediático fascista que altera constantemente la historia al cambiar los registros digitales de lo que ha ocurrido.

We have tools electron that allow you to make an application quite quickly and progress from idea to implementing it really fast. This comes at the expense if shipping code that is needlessly bloated. I shipped a small text editor last year that required a whole chrome browser instance to render its ui. Obscene.

1/8: La curiosa historia de TempleOS 

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