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New XMPP account

If you are having problem to reach me there please send me a private message here. Been having trouble with OMEMO key exchange and still not sure it's a client side issue or something related to my old server.

I really wish that folks would stop playing games as a job. Not because that's unreasonable, mind you. But because their energy of turning games into wage slavery (and the catering that game designers feel compelled to do for it) ruins it for the rest of us.

funny thing how nobody mentioned gzdoom and zandronum, which seem to be the defacto engines in the broad doom community. That said, I stoped using both due to the insane feature bloat of lastest versions. I'm using crispy doom nowadays and so far it's been awesome.

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Back up your phone's storage with Linux's gPhoto2 - it's not just for photos

One of the great failings of mobile devices is how difficult it can be to transfer data from your device to your computer. Mobile devices have a long history of this. Early mobiles, like Pilot and Handspring PDA devices, required special synchronization software (which you had to do religiously for fear of your device running out of batteries and losing all of your data forever). Old iPods required a platform-specific interface. Modern mobile devices default to sending your data to an online account so you can download it again on your computer. is currently down, seems to be a DDoS or similar kind of attack.

@dankwraith So programming is like jazz, then

It's about the programs you DON'T write

Here’s a flippin’ clue for FREE.

If you are deving XMPP, 99% of users want to have OMEMO and OpenPGP. Up front. Activated. Standard. Working. Transparently.


You should also read this piece on the Video Game History Foundation reconstructing a lost Days of Thunder NES game using 30-year old 21 source code floppy disks

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mmorpgs are their own unique type of addiction. I've really been enjoying my time with old school runescape this summer.

going back in time to explain to people in 2010 that an online bookstore is going to take over the world

and, ultimately, the fact remains that philosophy is one of the few fields that are accessible without special training. you can just pick up a book of plato or descartes or wittgenstein and come away with at least some understanding of what they're on about

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Running hydraulic controls on your excavator

Galaxy brain:
Running Doom on your excavator

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