Joke's on you, past self! Made it to three hundred words!

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It's almost November, which means that it's time for my annual "get excited about NaNoWriMo and write 100 words before getting hung up on world building and abandoning the project by the 17th."

Managed to find this with all its manuals and the software disk, just gotta wait for the battery to show up to see if it works. Getting the software to work is going be a challenge...

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Depressing update: no new episodes since mid-September, so I can only assume the host lost interest or has some other commitments. He was kind enough to share his back catalog with me, however (at least the episodes he had backed up).

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Last one for the night. Maybe this pamphlet will help me become the dynamic, confident go-getter I've always dreamed of being. I'm sure whatever service they're offering is still around.

Don seems like a pretty cool guy. Fun fact, that $200 he saved is worth $462.50 today.

More to come! Stay tuned to see where this little gem originated!

Never thought I'd spend this much time trying to find the IP address of a light bulb, nor that I'd ever utter such a phrase and have it actually be meaningful.

s/much/many geez

At the very least, I was surprised to see an old favorite of mine decided to pickup right where he left off twelve years ago. If you like independent music, give the tartanpodcast a listen. Available on iTunes and from the show's website:

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Been thinking about lost media lately, and something I don't think I've see discussed is podcasts from the really early days of the medium. I first starting listening to podcasts back in 2005 or 2006, and just realized that so much of those old episodes have simply evaporated. It's weird to think that I might have the only copy of someone's passion project from all those years ago.

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SDF aNONradio is celebrating 25 years on September 7th. Here is a little blurb from the Honolulu Weekly October 8th, 1997 asking the question: "The Internet has been touted as the public square of the Global Village. but does it have a decent radio station?"

How many of these are still around today? Come and party with us September 7th, 2021!

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