Last one for the night. Maybe this pamphlet will help me become the dynamic, confident go-getter I've always dreamed of being. I'm sure whatever service they're offering is still around.

Don seems like a pretty cool guy. Fun fact, that $200 he saved is worth $462.50 today.

More to come! Stay tuned to see where this little gem originated!

It's not really summer in Florida until you get a tropical storm. Just a big mess of rain and wind right now, so minimal worries on our end. Keeping an eye out for other severe weather, though.

Satellite image:

My telco stack, because I need more projects ;-). From left to right, a US Robotics Sportster Faxmodem, Bellsouth trimline-style phone (courtesy @publius), AT&T answering machine, vtech cordless phone. Not pictured is the Linksys SPA1001 FXS VoIP Phone Adapter that these tie into.

Also, can't wait to give this a listen! If you've never listened to Angel Olsen, give her NPR Tiny Desk a listen:

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