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Lumen prints by M Prull

June show at the Floy Preslar Gallery

Construct + Deconstruct: queer visual dialogues

@Laurelai That's even worst than that. Since they can't be deleted from the trending, unlike Twitter, you can use them as an harassment engine and nobody could do anything.

if you have federation wide trending tags you create incentives for people to game that system to force a tag into trending status, it can and it will happen, which will cause whatever posts they are gaming to gain visibility. Its a way to spread propaganda, lies, illegal content and other malicious postings.

Time is a feminist issue. Time is a racial issue. Time is a collective issue.

The professionalism that we're taught by society, by schools and by establishments is actually no more than a set of old rules that are designed to keep hierarchy stable and add a layer of control to a workforce.

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