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If you want to enable a new kind of Internet I suggest you get yourself to the 2018 #DWebSummit at the @internetarchive

The 2016 event was a watershed moment. Both @matrixdotorg and @ipfsbot launched there amidst a rich tapestry of technology, philosophy, ethics, and activism.

I'm going to work with my IA friends to make sure that more #platformcoop will be on offer. In 2016 Maira Sutton from Shareable was there, hoping for a lot more.

Sign up at

If they wanted the "God is still speaking," comma (the slogan in use since circa 1999, from someone's saying "don't put a period where God put a comma") they could have just drawn a clean, unmistakable comma without the visual distraction.

As an ex-member of UCC, I felt the previous 1950s-style UCC emblem antiquated and reflected a very WASP-y theology. But the new one (2017) screams "hurricane" - an imagery now increasingly common as climate change produces more and more of those super-hurricanes.

The Floy Preslar Gallery welcomes Andrea Vidrine ( for May!

Opening reception: Saturday, May 5, noon-5 p.m.

Show runs from May 5 through 27.

Happy one year anniversary to #socialcoop! Big thanks to all those who made the original Medium article happen ( that brought a lot of people to this instance. Proud of what we're building together. :)

A quick update: our websites now have SSL certs so it is https - not that we really really needed SSL but it's good for SEO since search engines now punish plain http sites.

And the Floy Preslar Gallery website is no longer on our experimental server. It's now

Tomorrow's First Saturday art opening will take place as scheduled. The watercolor class also will be held, however, if you are unable to come and you have already registered, we will offer a raincheck session at no additional cost.

Call for artists:

Floy Preslar Gallery's June exhibit in observance of the month: "Construct and Deconstruct: Visual Dialogues"

Open to Oregon and Washington (state) artists. This is a juried show.

Opening day event: Saturday, June 2 (workshop proposals also accepted)

Deadline: May 12 for art, May 5 for workshop proposals

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