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Today: opening reception of Andrea Vidrine's solo show, Each Day a New World - noon-5 p.m., at the Floy Preslar Gallery, 32180 Pittsburg Rd., Saint Helens, -

The May issue of the Floy Preslar Gallery newsletter is fresh off the press!

May exhibit: Each day a new world: Art of Andrea Vidrine (plus: beginner's calligraphy class!)

With all the Terms Of Services changes on website such as Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter....I am curious of how all this plays out when non-sex workers(civilians) figure out how censored they will be.

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Reminder: The Floy Preslar Gallery's April art show featuring Lew Jones and Emily Thornton will wrap up on Sunday, April 29!


Don't make your brand longer than 3 words (generally speaking, except for a/the, proposition, and place name). Most consumers will chop it into 2-3 words anyway.

Your brand's slogan should be pithy, memorable, and 6 words or less. Nobody will remember anything longer.

Client education is important if you want your clients to be on the same page as you and in order to keep them from undermining your hard work due to their ignorance.

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