Just FYI, Mastodon v2.6.0 web client adds a nice feature that makes having inline RSS feeds (via something like my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter, bots.tinysubversions.com/conve ) much more convenient. The feature adds a "read more" to any post that is taller than a certain number of pixels, so now my "podcasts" list renders in a way that makes more sense. ("Read more" opens up a detail dialogue where you can read the full post in-client.)

#1yrago An obscure copyright law is letting the Internet Archive distribute books published 1923-1941 boingboing.net/2017/10/10/libr

RT @juliarubin@twitter.com: this aarp mag definition of bitcoin is amazing??

🐦🔗: twitter.com/juliarubin/status/

The first woman Doctor Who to be commemorated with a limited-edition Barbie

Sam the Chickadee #13

That’s a lot of work for one little chickadee, but he didn’t give up! I wonder what he’s up to?


[I'll be taking a short hiatus for the month of October. I hope you're all well, and I'll be back with more Sam the Chickadee soon! 💛 🐦 ]

#MastoArt #StCComic #SamTheChickadee #comic #comics #webcomic #webcomics #chickadee #bird

Case you wondered what that floral kitty thing look like put together:

“Skull Quartet: Passion and Promise Occupied” by Mary Ann Antenucci - now on exhibit at the Preslar Gallery through Oct. 28.


The October exhibit at the Preslar Gallery will feature the art of Mary Ann Antenucci, opening this Saturday, Oct. 6.

The Creative Liberation Lab Notes - When churches are no longer called churches: cases of rebranded churches and brand trends limeadestandworks.com/labnotes

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