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@tbn97 I wrote 3 letters and am now reading Chapter IV of Hofstadter's Godel,Escher, Bach

@tbn97 waiting for my husband to complete his chemo session. Ten hours now as he had some Imaging protocol prior.

Ending my ninth matriarch-copulating hour in the US, sitting in my car in dismal downpour. It is Canada Day and I would rather bake butter tarts in my homeland.

tacoma, covid 

@djsundog I took it for granted the whole state was fucked given tbe governor's mandate last week. That mandate is for residents only, right?

Some silent comedies use a "woman can't cook" gag where the oven is smoking and a charred mess is pulled out. The actors are staged in the next room or 6 ft/1.9m away so I wonder if humans developed sense of smell after 1928.

the first silent film I've seen with Granville Redmond was a deaf-mute who acted with Chaplin in 'A Dog's Life' and here in "You'd Be Surprised" with Raymond Griffith

Pregunta: Por quΓ© las pelΓ­culas de Chaplin eran mudas?
Responder: Porque el director le decΓ­a β€œno charles Chaplin”

@ben Yes, thanks! Life's been intense (I know 98.9% of the planet is going through intense times, I'm in the 27.4% are having more intense time of it. You've rescued me! @tomasino

@mnw Speaking for myself it's like "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." I wrote holiday cards to locals with my new address and some with my phone # as I changed countries. Email is super-cheap, easy, and faster than post. I'm thinking of appending to my email .signatures my online hangouts, phone numbers and addresses. @tomasino @xmanmonk @gemlog

@tomasino I am old enough to remember phone calls and letters and you know I use Gopher, and now Gemini. If I could remember my userid for the tilde ben admins I'd be there now. If some weren't making soc. media their entire CMNS I could tell them what's going on, and avoid the meme-chain-politicalcrap-disinfo. It's like they're on heroin. @xmanmonk @gemlog

@gemlog Yeah, but it's a downer when you've been fooled for thirty years.

@gemlog I don't use FB and stopped using Twitter in April. I am talking of Mastodon. I entreated some to come to the Fediverse but they did not stick around. I use Brutaldon so I don't have to see avatars and images not marked sensitive.

Every step I take away from commoditized platforms, and disturbing images, ends dozens of connections. Always humbling to know one is at best screen wallpaper and not worth joining in an ad-free, spam-free, bot-free, text-only communication space.

@tomasino I'd love to listen more but 'The Old Codger' is on at WFMU Love the Django though. Play as much un-christyotwisty stuff you groove on!

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