If humans were to model the lifestyle displayed by healthy community of cells, our societies and our planet would be more peaceful and vital.

–Bruce Lipton, in β€œThe Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology”

@tomasino i wish I knew about the tilderadio stream. I do arrchive the questions and I check at least weekly for answers

For those with 80 minutes to kill and who thrive on spontaneity and impulse - The Silent Comedy Watch Party ep 16 - 7/5/20 - Ben Model and Steve Massa

@Shufei Gemini is preferred for those who have active capsules, as I can link to it. Replies via email or gopher should include explicit permission to me to post them on my 5Q.gmi

I check the search enging for replies weekly: gemini://
Questions for July are on

CoViD-19 poll, "we're all in this together" 

The first three minutes of this poll's life produced unanimous answers. Would you be surprised to learn people online prefer to insult others who ask where to get items to slow the spread and to be in compliance with local and regional public health directives, instead of being helpful or not bothering to respond?

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CoViD-19 poll, "we're all in this together" 

Evaluate this statement from your personal viewpoint:
"Slowing the spread of CoViD-19 in my area is important enough to me that I happily share with someone who asks what I know about how to slow the spread."

It's easier to tell someone to do something than to answer their question how to do it, but how is it
helpful to give a snide answer? If the questioner's success in performing an activity matters to you, and telling them to do something implies that it is, how do snide non-answers help you and the questioner?

is it worthwhile to you for the questioner to lower their estimation of you and devalue your requests and everything you say from that point onward?

@solderpunk :refrains from making Seattle comment. i enjoyed my 20 years there, and there is much that i miss (Seattleites can DM me for a list0, but i feel i picked a good time to leave. I had to give 'life advice' to my son; 'don't carjack a vehicle and drive it at 2 am into CHOP'. he said 'if I drive it at 1 am into CHOP is it okay?'

@salixlucida I love that you post pics of your master. i kinda want to restart being owned by a cat but they're in scant supply at the animal shelters where i live.

@gemlog some sites already have per capita numbers posted. My health region is 'the worst' for the province with 11 hospitalizations, 2 of those in ICU out of 166 active cases. i still have to be careful, but I am happy to openly geocache in good weather.

@gemlog Not every US state can have the same successes containing the contagion our province can. i should see what states are doing better per capita. i know NL, MB and PE plus territories have lower numbers per capita than us.
The US patrol police and the Covid-19 checkpoints were absent when we came up yesterday.

@gemlog I was more sore about being stuck in my car for ten hours than being in the US. We go again on Friday, and maybe Saturday or Monday, I forget.
i'm going to move his care up to BC because there's no fkn way I'm going to stay in my car from nov-feb for 9 hours.

@gemlog it was 13C in Bellingham at 2pm and 15C in Delta at 11pm. The wind sometimes slams the slats of my blinds against the window. i like waking up to birds but not at 5:56 am.

Would this image, if not marked sensitive, violate your instance's code of conduct? i ask as my pal posted it on Facebook in a Group dedicated to the subject and was suspended for it.

@dlek As once printed in a Krazy Kat strip "in spite of it all a soul was made happy in the end.' Many thanks for your considerate greeting

@gemlog oh yeah, both sides of the border. Having an herbal tisane and awaiting pie.

Hello #mastodon! Thanks @finn for admin'ing this instance highlighting #seattle and surrounding area. These days I live in West Seattle near White Center and work downtown.

Hoping to spend time here versus browsing news sites so much to contribute and discover links to works by the many talented people in #PugetSound, #Portland, and surrounding areas. Occasional random links to free content will undoubtedly show up, too.

#seattle #portland #music #film #art #gamedev #indiegames #introduction

someone feels bad about keeping me in the US for eleven hours and is playing Stompin' Tom Connors videos, including a duet with k.d. lang.

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