I was given a strong compliment today - the Japanese woman I sat next to said I spoke Nihongo very well. My vocabulary is English-traveller limited.

@tomasino Oh no! Do Icelanders drive on the right side of the road? Is the metric conversion tricky? (It was for me, in the US. I just got my driver's lic with original number back, no re-testing)


@gemlog There's no way to tell I'm from Ottawa unless we're there and I point to some hospital and say "I was born there." Or, easier, I go there for two weeks, come back with my 'native' accent.

@gemlog That's true. I was born in Ottawa so I need to use some French now and then. More now that my kid is learning it.

@gemlog snowdumps of 10 cm or more, or temperatures below 0C bring the French out of me too.

that Dairy Queen's Peanut Buster Parfait does not contribute positively to .

@tomasino No it didn't. I was directed to pnsn.org, where I saw our earthquake. Then I went to birdsite using and learned of the 6.8 one in Turkey.

@tomasino Yep. Confirmed on birdsite by two others in the area. No I am not in northern Turkey.

@kro Well, actually, my sister was bicycling when the 9.0 earthquake in Japan hit. So people do give a shit if an earthquake big enough to feel happens.

I am trying to determine if we had an earthquake three minutes ago. Apartment dwellers in earthquake-prone zones, how do you differentiate someone dropping something heavy from an earthquake prior to receiving online official confirmation.

Food - My next cooking adventure 

@voidspace Eight Pieces of Brocad, or baduanjin Qi Gong. Good for internal organs, flexibility; a series suitable for warmups and cooldowns for weightlifting.

food (+) 

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