via |n|otabilia, words from Henri J.M. Nouwen on the inner chaos opening within us in our solitude

Wacky Worldometers COVID-19 update 

Received a vintage SJ (and a Studio and a something) yesterday. I was willing to be surprised at home but Canada Border guard had other plans. Esterbrook has a lever and a clothlike sac: directions

You've seen this meme before. I didn't know its usefulness in pictorializing my mood until I just now tried to search for "wiener" and "frankfurter" recipes, getting mostly "weiner" results from a well-known search engine

Requesting Chinese translation to English (TW: Wuhan Flu) 

Good morning friends. β˜• 🍞 What ground bean & sliced bread combo is your preference? I'm a 3B. A toast and cup lift to you wherever you may be.

wondered what use I'd have for my "Aussie Liquid Gold" ink, now I know (image copied from elsewhere, not my work) #2020

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