wondered what use I'd have for my "Aussie Liquid Gold" ink, now I know (image copied from elsewhere, not my work) #2020

Wonder what I could do with ironic detachment to irk and discomfit Generation Z and millennials. is unironic attachment for me, best use for . with stickers, mail art, handwritten stationery are an instant lift.

New Ink Day: Platinum 3776 Century SF, Krishna Ink - Winter 3; Lamy Safari EF, Robert Oster Velvet Crush ink

loot: Pastel Rose Lamy Safari EF, Gift pack from Pen Chalet -- Black Platinum 3776, Krishna Winter 3 (blue) ink, Robert Oster Violet Crush (violet), Endless Pen Chalet Brooch, Endless Recorder Notebook, Rhodia Dot Pad , FPD Pen Chalet sticker ,

Few people that age survive a Kryptonian's Donkey Punch without trauma. Wonder if Superman will have to fly counter to the earth's rotation to turn back time?

Found this Al Kilgore illustration on Drew Friedman's blog. Too good not to share here.

Sept 13 1952, Richard Avedon photo portrait of Charlie Chaplin, New York, just before he headed to exile in Switzerland

Another problem. I don't know what sensitivity is in this example; I know if I had its value I could compute for NPV.
(Ignore the last sentence in the .png.)

@adw and I are in a mutually supportive vacation (except for my next Python class this Thursday!). I'll be on Mastodon, Gopher, email, IRC, and get my news via RSS. Maybe I'll earn CBD gummies or a lymphatic or deep-tissue massage if I succeed at this. I might even make some RL connections! I'm tired of overempathizing or putting blind trust in people who go bonkers-aggressive due to unstated boundaries or who argue in bad faith and freak out when I employ nonviolent communication.

Today is , so I share with you encouraging words from Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

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