@cosullivan nudge, nudge - I’ve just rescued my capsule from certificate purgatory; I’m gonna answer these and re-instate my 5Q too - a Gemini link would be lovely, if you are in the mood (otherwise I can still link to the gopher ;) 😘

@cosullivan The answer to your ssh q seemed detailed enough from pwarren in gemini?
They're just text files in any case. I often just copy a public key over to a server and then cat >> the file appending to authorized keys.

@gemlog I couldn't get ssh-copy-id to work on tty, and when I used ssh-copy-id on my home machine I couldn't ssh into beastie. I wonder if there are assumptions false and unknown prohibiting me from succeeding in this supposedly simple task.

I just used this line on sdf and it worked fine.

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub gemlog@sdf.org

I was then challenged for my passwd and logged in. I ctrl_d'd out and up arrowed and was logged in automagically as expected.

btw, I normally log into tty.sdf.org and that works.

@gemlog I don't see any mention of beastie.sdf.org in your post. Also, is
"ksh: ssh-copy-id: not found"
a cryptic success message? Because I don't know how or why this works for everyone else but not me. If I need to be in another server and not tty that is not obvious to me.

@cosullivan I'm not a member of beastie so I gave the example.
Also, I use bash and not ksh shell but "ksh: ssh-copy-id: not found" looks like you don't have the command installed even?
which ssh-copy-id
to find out where it is (or not...)

@gemlog My explicit and exclusive issue is that I cannot use ssh-copy-id, either on my local machine or on tty.sdf.org, to log into beastie. 'which ssh-copy-id' does not return any message.
Also, navigating to my .ssh directory results in permission denied message
Somehow everyone else knows how to avoid these pitfalls, or it could be that I am not meant to use the beastie box

@cosullivan did you type

which ssh-copy-id

at the prompt? what did it say?

@gemlog I see that #!/bin/bash allows me to chmod, so I have permissions now to my .ssh folder. Tried repeating 'which ssh-copy-id' and it does not work

As you see in the foto, asking the 'which' command for a program that isn't installed returns nothing at all. Asking for a program that exists tells you which location it is using for it - if it exists at all. You need to install a package on whatever operating system you are using.

@gemlog I tried ssh-copy-id -i christyotwisty@beastie.sdf.org and then attempted to log into beastie but could not.
Again, there is something I am missing but I know not what it is. It is not permissions to .ssh folder, it is not the command syntax.

@cosullivan Yes, it is none of those things.
It is the fact that you don't have ssh-copy-id installed. You must install it.

@cosullivan I don't know how you can have ssh-key-gen and ssh and not ssh-copy-id. If it's installed, I suppose the other possibility is that wherever it is, isn't in your $PATH, but that seems unlikely.

@gemlog it's not that I don't know how to use the commands, I don't know how my environment variables and permissions differ from everyone else's.

@cosullivan 1. Repair my house, write an X client, use a sextant, course fishing, coppacing.

@cosullivan 2. Probably the Narnia series in one book, which I was given by an old friend.

@cosullivan 5. Perhaps today: my daughter's reading and my son's behind me on his Raspberry Pi 400.

@cosullivan ...and yes, I did build Gopher 3.0.17 for ARM just to read the questions.

@lopta awww, the lazy and undermotivated use floodgap's proxy so ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ to you, with my ❀️ -y thanks!

@cosullivan I don't know what floodgap's proxy is but pkgsrc made the build a breeze.

@cosullivan heya - took me a while but I have been rebuilding my Gemini after a series of events kinda killed it. Here are my answers: gemini://multiverse.thruhere.n or portal.mozz.us/gemini/multiver

I'll soon be posting my %q too :) - thanks for keeping this going!!! <3

@cosullivan i just notice I somehow mixed the questions unp - so I will update and post a revision when I am done! 8^o

@tbn97 that's fine. This month is lax month. Your answers are excellent.

@cosullivan fixed now - new questions answered, old ones retained too :)

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