help requested - numbers from any of ten to English:
Each message is about 25 seconds long
The first numbers will be North 49 and West 122, the numbers following are what I need
Among the languages:

- received, thanks

unknown central european language, best guess Polish

unknown far east asia language, best guess Korean
- received, thanks

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@Theduder A spectacular offer which I would take if I did not have German, French, and Korean. I welcome and thank before-and-after translations for the other seven.

@cosullivan message 4:
today, i am leaving to find it.
ive been looking for it for a while, but I found a blue box.
its definitely blue, and its definitely a box.
i found it at N49'16.74 W122'56.377
JUST A SECOND! It seems I wrote it down wrong. Its actually 58.811

@cosullivan a couple notes:
the untranslated bit in the middle might be transcribed wrong, so I wouldn't trust the machine translation. the speaker says it kinda quickly.
the word for 'blue' can also mean 'green' (for example, when talking about traffic lights, the light for "go" is referred to as a "blue light"), but probably means 'blue' in this case since there's a separate word for 'green'.
they don't specify which coordinate the correction refers to, but i'm guessing the longitude.

@jaxter184 yes, longitude is indeed correct, I have the first four digits for all messages, each message has a different set of coordinates, but share the property N49 1*.* and W122 5*.*

@cosullivan my japanese is a little iffy, but message 9 seems relatively simple (at least compared to the korean one)

mission successful!
item #1:
N49'16.247 W122'59.138
it may have been difficult to find, but after some searching, i found a blue cylinder.

@cosullivan (assuming this is for geocaching) good luck finding them!

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