Come listen to some crooners and smoothers on
At the top of the hour with the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew - you may even hear live aftershocks 😆

@tbn97 did you feel anything? I remember our 6.8 earthquake--two cats sped for the basement, the oldest sat on the sofa, waiting for me to join him "earthquake schmearthquake. Let's cuddle."

@cosullivan cat went galloping and hid, whole house shook and kinda bucked for about 30 seconds… I was inconveniently on loo, so rode it out there until I could get into a more convenient location.


@tbn97 wow, reads like you are close to the epicenter. Are you getting slew of emails and texts of the 'are you okay' variety?

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@cosullivan social media hum. Doesn’t seem to be much damage - tho some report coming through. This is inner suburbs about 30km away (tho interestingly further from the epicentre). Nothing damaged in my immediate area tho from what I can tell.

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