@northernlights @gemlog I thought that’s what you might have meant. I’ve considered it lately, we’ll see

Yeah, well. Some people. Fussy people. Claimed that drinking a litre of vodka a day plus the odd beer and Lamb's Navy rum was a bit much...

@gemlog A litre's a bit much, yeah. On my harder drinking days I'll finish a six pack of cheap beer and then get into something else. idk that i could handle a litre of vodka, physically, haha

No. It's a stupid amount, of course. I was being flip. It took me a week to pare that down to nothing. Not doing that again!


@gemlog I was clean for three days this week. It's warm/hot, I'm listening to Maurice Chevalier and his contemporaries, and tinkling ice and lemon juice and bitters beckon to me like sirens @northernlights

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