@oneofvalts had to disconnect from the stream for something, but he'll be back in about 8 minutes. πŸ‘

And he's back on playing another piece! Making some afternoon as I enjoy @oneofvalts' performance. β˜• 🎢


@oneofvalts That was some great stuff from you and your brother! Hopefully we hear more soon! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @cosullivan

@claudiom you're so enthusiastic about mastodon's radio stream hosts, it makes me less cheery that you're asleep at my earliest opportunity to stream on anonmic.

@cosullivan I know! I've been meaning to catch your OpenMic streams but it's always too late for me at night during the week.

At least I did catch you talking to @jasmaz and smj on OpenVoIP last week. πŸ˜…

@claudiom That was a fun session, good training for an event in which I met and talked with multiple people. @jasmaz

@xmanmonk Admittedly I twice considered bailing, but my good buddy was on his way over and I could manage some anxiety and discomfort until he showed up or the event organizer noticed me. @claudiom @jasmaz

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