@gemlog I must be Bert because Urny hangs out in my flat alla time

@cosullivan I'm sure we'd drive each other crazy, but I always want to hug you! :-)
Distance is good!

@gemlog Distance is good! Funny, all the boys tell me that. 28 letters a month can't be wrong!

@cosullivan Dont' forget that I have an old foto of you to drool over :-)
And all you have is a current foto of me! :-)

@gemlog I'm not inebriated enough to grovel for self-serving compliments, but I wonder what in a 50+ yo woman constitutes "hot stuff" to her age cohorts.

@cosullivan OK. I'm going to go back to last nite's play list mastodonten.de/@gemlog/1059668 ,because it makes me happy and I will tell you. I don't know you, but I love you.
No te quiero sino porque te quiero
y de quererte a no quererte llego
y de esperarte cuando no te espero
pasa mi corazón del frío al fuego.
I will come back and tell you more.

@cosullivan Here is how it happens.
As a child, it was a joke "What is the definition of gross?" Kissing your grandmother and she slips you the tongue.
Or, "What's the worst part of getting old?" Kissing grandma.
Haha. As a child.
But. As a grown up...

@cosullivan I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the older I got, the more attractive older women became!
And it is not only me. I've checked with friends.
When I was a teen, teen girls were extremely desirable. And so on into my twenties for twenty year olds.
Now they seem cute, but silly. God love them, I have kids that age, but... no. Silly.
Women your age have looks, edu, exp and charm. No child of 20 or 30 can match that.
You are still a catch. Straight goods.

@gemlog Thank you. Due to social bubbles, my only F2F encounters are with my geopal, who told me I am too tall for him. I know what I find attractive, but being post-menstrual, I don't care much what meatcase packaging the treasure's in. (I do care about condition of package, but I am realistic)

@cosullivan What I'm pointing out is that God has this shit worked out already.
The older one gets, the better looking older women get. We just looked at them wrongly before. Or something. And we also think less with the other head and concentrate more on 'details' like edu, intel and personality!! ffs.
And we can recognize the little wrinkles from staying awake all night for feedings or kids having nightmares.
We're just old men; we're not stupid! :-)

@gemlog Are widows valued more than divorcees in a man's mind ("She can't be all bad, someone woke up with her daily for 26 years") ? Do widowers get more sympathy than widows? I don't know this. I know I hear more from widows than widowers, but there are more widows in general.

@cosullivan Is that a thing even?
I don't know.
but i've been alone for a very long time now and don't really think of these things anymore.

@cosullivan and what is this 'value' question?
People aren't commodities. 'Human Resources' FAH!!!
Like are widows in the remainders bin? Don't think like that!!!

@gemlog If/when I have a meeting or first date, they might ask "how did you become single?" I know I'd be curious. With a friend, intimacy is something one glides into. No matter: April is my Makeover Month.

@cosullivan I have such limited experiences that I have zero idea how that might go.
I only wanted to make sure you knew that age did not erase your good looks.

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