My 'inherited' (spouse couldn't take it with him) laptop.

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@gemlog It's not terrible, unless you mean the Windows 10 operating system and the 3.5 hour no-postpone updates. Who's got Wagner operas and Warhol films to recommend when those updates-upon-updates, reboots-upon-reboots happen?

@cosullivan I've only had to touch win10 once in the past 2 years and I'm Not sad about it.
Even though I d/l a 'clean' copy from redmond and blow away acer, asus, hp, w/e it's still full of spyware and bloat and takes an hour or so to do the best I can with a pos.
Once you cp off it, you can blow it away for linux or bsd.
The hug was adjusting to lack of spouse, not the lappy - I know you can fix that.

@gemlog Yeah, the grief settles in. I have to set boundaries with some too, like push back against their generalized anxiety disorder cognitive distortions. But I'm not too lonely, thanks to Mastodon and letter-writing, and friends who treated my return like I thawed from cryogenic stasis.

@cosullivan I had *just* enough time to read that! :-)
I'm glad you aren't too lonely.

@cosullivan ...and, in the bottom left, some kind of anti-theft registration logo? I've only seen it before in the Nordics!

@solderpunk that is a Neighborhood Watch sticker. Our street in the US had a sign, an aged sticker was on our back door.

@cosullivan Oh! I hadn't realised that logo was so widely used. The Australian Neighborhood Watch logo is a little different, as I remember it.

Ok.... So. As I've no idea about the spouse...
Did the spouse move on to another household?


Oh my.
That's not good.

Sorry this was something you had to deal with.

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