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Questions for July are on

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@cosullivan Oh, what a faboo community building exercise, Christina! Ought we reply on any medium or privately or...?

@Shufei Gemini is preferred for those who have active capsules, as I can link to it. Replies via email or gopher should include explicit permission to me to post them on my 5Q.gmi

@cosullivan it threw me off that you're changing the questions monthly but at the same address. I've only gotten through 1/5 on the first set. I answered the second set on a tilderadio stream though

@tomasino i wish I knew about the tilderadio stream. I do arrchive the questions and I check at least weekly for answers

@cosullivan it wasn't planned. I just started talking about you and went to look. I'll dig around for the archive

1. What do you value most in a friendship? Trust
2. What’s your favourite thing to cook? chili
3. What was a neat toy from your childhood? childhood?
4. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself being anywhere. I'm ok right here, right now.
5. Tell me about a time when you made a distinct ( drastic?) change to your appearance. Why? I grew a moustache. Because Sobey's that now owns Canada Safeway has such cheap effing razors I skipped the really ouchy parts of shaving.

I have now made a passing attempt at my own gemlog, courtesy of hosting by solderpunk.
Now. When someone like our friend christina posts a question, how to respond? How to comment? Clearly, I chose the medium that posed the Q (masto), but what's the idea for interactions?
@tomasino @acdw @solderpunk

@gemlog My reply to my own questions will go on my replies.gmi, linked from 5Q.gmi
some have a gemini page of collected replies, depends on the person's style.

@cosullivan It just seems to have a missing mechanism in things.
And yes, I did read my replies in your gemlog from a different question.

@gemlog @cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk If you write your answers with a link back to her questions, then send her a note here or via email that is perfect.

GUS, the Gemini search engine, can detect backlinks, so Christina can discover answers that way. Giving her a heads up here means she can see it faster and add you to her archive

I know. I was simply noting that gemini has no back channel of its own.
@cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk

@gemlog @cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk this is a debated topic on the mailing list and in gemlogs, but I'm strongly in the camp that is best this way, without direct commenting. There are other places that disagree. It is possible to allow comments in a similar way as gopher, and also via client certificates. I think I demo that bit in my video on astrobotany.

It still feels so weird to read 'gemlog' as a common noun!! :-)
It's fucked up :-)

@cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk

@gemlog I'm starting to think the protocol was named Gemini so that "gemlog" could be used as a term
@tomasino @cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk

I don't think it was solderpunk's first choice, but I forget what the main contender was now.
@tomasino @cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk

@gemlog @trebach @tomasino @cosullivan @acdw I don't think there was ever another popular contender for what to name logs (one or two people use "nilogs", on the logic that a "web log" is a "blog", not a "wlog", i.e. we use the *end* of the medium name, not the start, but it's definitely a minority thing). Some people, myself included, also use "capsule" to refer to an entire Gemini site, which may or may not contain a log, analogous to "gopherhole".

I thought there was another that involved a 'g'. Like a glog or something. Anyhow, I'm pleased and honoured to see my name around all the time these days! :-)
I've been gemlog for so many years it seems odd when I read my given name IRL (paul). Even my priest calls me gemlog. Actually a priest from 20+ years ago lost his gmail account. He wrote me out of the blue asking for addresses. Mine was the only email he could remember: my kid's names.
@trebach @tomasino @cosullivan @acdw

@gemlog @solderpunk @trebach @cosullivan @acdw I've seen one or two glogs out there, but other people are still using that for gopher instead of phlog so it's extra-confusing.

@tomasino @gemlog @trebach @cosullivan @acdw Oh yeah, "glog" is in use in both spaces.

One wonders if we shouldn't just call 'em all "logs" and leave it at that...

@solderpunk @tomasino @gemlog @trebach @cosullivan we could go nuts and call em "gournals," since that's another word for it

@cosullivan YES and if you have a big one you pretend not to understand the etymology and call it a "macrolog"! @acdw @solderpunk @gemlog @trebach @tomasino

@acdw hmm, I hadn't thought of it that way, and that's probably the one reason I'd stop using it. @solderpunk @gemlog @trebach @tomasino @cosullivan

Yes...but that relegates gemini to being forever codependent. The backlink thing in gus seems to offer a way forward, but depends on gus.
@cosullivan @acdw @solderpunk

@gemlog @tomasino @cosullivan @acdw I don't see being codependent on a technology like email as a big problem. If anything, it might be a boon. It's hard to make something capable of fulfilling every possible requirement by itself without also making it large and fragile.

That said, there has been some talk around something like a stripped-back implementation of WebMentions, where you can submit a URL to a well-known endpoint to inform authors of replies. Nobody's implemented it yet, as far as I know, but we're still in very early days where more time has been spent yakking about things than coding. I'm sure something will materialise before too long.

I had a Wonderful! weekend and I wrote...
I have two new fun things to play with, but I didn't do a damn thing.
I need to mesh 'remind' into my world, so I can delete goog entirely and I want to play with pysimplegui, but haven't yet.
How about I go prune a 100 or so trees and think about it slowly?

@tomasino @solderpunk @cosullivan

We're kind of 'between things' right now. Morels and fiddleheads are over and pines, lobsters and boletes haven't started yet.
Also, no river salmon yet.
Pretty sad eh?
@acdw @solderpunk @cosullivan

@solderpunk @gemlog @tomasino @cosullivan @acdw how would people want to web mentions even further? By mandating the well known end point?

@cosullivan answered here: gemini://

@dctrud Thank you for notifying me and participating. I read with enjoyment and linked to your answers from gemini://

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