Ending my ninth matriarch-copulating hour in the US, sitting in my car in dismal downpour. It is Canada Day and I would rather bake butter tarts in my homeland.

@gemlog oh yeah, both sides of the border. Having an herbal tisane and awaiting pie.

@cosullivan Sometimes I forget how far away I live from you. It was a beautiful day here yesterday. This morning I awoke a few times in the night to the sound of the rain and gusts coming through my bedroom window - which is always open, even if only slightly in the winter. About 3mm/hr coming down + windy. I'm not going to go work out in that for 6 hours!

@gemlog I was more sore about being stuck in my car for ten hours than being in the US. We go again on Friday, and maybe Saturday or Monday, I forget.
i'm going to move his care up to BC because there's no fkn way I'm going to stay in my car from nov-feb for 9 hours.


@gemlog Not every US state can have the same successes containing the contagion our province can. i should see what states are doing better per capita. i know NL, MB and PE plus territories have lower numbers per capita than us.
The US patrol police and the Covid-19 checkpoints were absent when we came up yesterday.

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@cosullivan Isn't it frustrating having to look up population numbers and convert the number of cases/deaths to per capita - i.e. something actually a decent means for comaparison? Grrr.
I'm more fortunate than you in this regard. The northern health region in BC comprises 600k km^2 and we have 0 hostpitalized, 0 in icu and have had 0 deaths from covid. Same as Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. Of course, we only have 300k people in our area too so... 0.5 people per km^2 ;-)

@gemlog some sites already have per capita numbers posted. My health region is 'the worst' for the province with 11 hospitalizations, 2 of those in ICU out of 166 active cases. i still have to be careful, but I am happy to openly geocache in good weather.

@cosullivan I know, some do, but the newspapers are the worst for posting alarmist and entirely useless absolute numbers with no regard for the size of the population.
Here's a decent one of deaths worldwide per one million population as of July 1, 2020, by country statista.com/statistics/110470
Per 100k seems more common though, but easy to shift the decimal in your head.

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