Ending my ninth matriarch-copulating hour in the US, sitting in my car in dismal downpour. It is Canada Day and I would rather bake butter tarts in my homeland.

@gemlog oh yeah, both sides of the border. Having an herbal tisane and awaiting pie.

@cosullivan Sometimes I forget how far away I live from you. It was a beautiful day here yesterday. This morning I awoke a few times in the night to the sound of the rain and gusts coming through my bedroom window - which is always open, even if only slightly in the winter. About 3mm/hr coming down + windy. I'm not going to go work out in that for 6 hours!


@gemlog it was 13C in Bellingham at 2pm and 15C in Delta at 11pm. The wind sometimes slams the slats of my blinds against the window. i like waking up to birds but not at 5:56 am.

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@cosullivan Heh, this is why we can't live together - birds start here at first light too, but it's only 04h30 or so ;-)
It's 10C right now.

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