for the : what new hobby, physical or spiritual practice, or subject did you begin in or shortly after you began self-isolating?
Do you still practice that activity?
What have you learned?
Would most of us in the enjoy or benefit from what you're doing if we tried it ourselves?

@cosullivan I joined an online ACIM group that meets on Wednesday evenings via Zoom.

@xmanmonk oh cool! An practitioner I met here wanted to start a group online. I'd like to try a group. I'd like to find a spiritual director up here too.

@cosullivan There should be a resource for online groups. This group is a group I used to attend in person years ago, but stopped when I moved away. One of the members invited me online since they moved online due to covid.

@cosullivan But if you'd like to join us online, you're welcome to.

@xmanmonk Thanks, I'll contact the local-to-me point people to see if they're temporarily online, then when this lets up I'll possibly join them in in-person groups with less awkward unfamiliarity

@cosullivan ohh this a lovely thread :). I started playing shogi, which is an ancient japanese game, great for the mind! As for the rest of the fediverse, it would be really could if you start to aswell so we can all play along haha

@crispr Hashtag the word 'shogi' in your toot and I'll boost it to help you attract interested people. 👍

haha don't worry, qurantine makes me more excited over simple things

@cosullivan I've been doing things in small bites like learning how to use chopsticks properly, new knot ties, more language, finally successful with bread - and by now the freezer is half full of pre-cooked meals. Still with the mushroom growing, planning the garden, messing with s/w, taking decent walks.
My little brain needs to be busy all the time and self-isolation is very close to 'situation normal' for me - I just don't have the rhythm of going to work or mass to tell the days apart.

@cosullivan I've been watching every 1960's beach movie I can find.

Yeah. I know. I'm not aiming very high.

@johnhattan I dunno, cameos of Buster Keaton, Dick Dale musical moments, and Paul Lynde sightings are balms for an itchy mind

@cosullivan and the age old question, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, or Tommy Kirk?

@cosullivan Hung a punching bag in the basement, partially to give myself more exercise, partially so the children can take out their frustrations on something rather than someone. Somewhat successful for me, not really for them as yet.

@cosullivan Not really a new hobby, but at the beginning of the lockdown (here at the beginning of march) I decided it was time to learn copperplate (as taught by a school calligraphy manual from the early 1900s). I had already used that manual (starting decades ago) to learn some styles based on lettering nibs, but I've been wanting to try flexible nibs for a while. I'm also still working (from home, as before) and keep practicing my other crafting hobbies.

I've done just drills for a while, then a week of pause and I'm now starting to write the first letters (iunmvcea: it's fun to find words and now phrases that only use those letters :) )

I've found that the basic drills are quite relaxing, but I'm not sure it is exactly *useful* (and the relaxation bit probably depends a lot on the person: I think that some people can benefit from it, but not everybody).
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