Please revive hashtagging interests in .

Newcomers to the benefit by knowing only words and phrases are , unlike .
They'd have instant magic of fellowship by hashtagging their interests, like so:

Also! You can OUT terms you don't like to see, without blocking/muting accounts. Happier experience for all.

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@sparcipx the irony is that both Friday and Saturday I clicked on the hashtagged introduction and introductions, and the server choked on returning either.

> You can #filter OUT terms you don't like to see

Really? How? That's another new feature that's passed me by ;)

@strypey fourth menu item is 'Filters'
It may be the case where the words and phrases filtered out do not require hashtags for successful use. i filter out hashtagged and unhashtagged words and phrases but that is just me.

@strypey What happens is that instead of seeing the toot with the verboten phrase, one sees 'Filtered' instead.
Filters are great for users with acquaintances with opposing or radical ideals and opinions, but who are also part of the 0.02% just as much into or more into the uncommon and obscure shared interests; and for the users whose fediverse simpatico acquaintances who toot about subjects and events the users find discomfiting or repellent.

@cosullivan that's clever. So I could use that to deprogram people drifting down the alt-right rabbithole without having to read their 'n' word posts etc. Hmmm

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