Question for voters: (I'm not hashtagging this as ukpol because I'm not offering my personal party sentiment or opinion.)
My bestie is devastated at the results. What can I tell her that'll make her feel less anxious and more positive about the direction your fellow voters chose?

@cosullivan I share your bestie's sentiments. The only glimmer of positivity I can see is that with the large majority, Johnson won't have to pander to the extreme brexiteers of the ERG. I'm hoping that means that he will extend the negotiation period after he realises that sorting a trade agreement in 12 months is crazy. That assumes he has some rationality, of course 🙄


@galooph Good answer, thank you. Outside of the UK, I can give her only the Serenity Prayer and an invitation to purge into my inbox. An insider's perspective is more powerful and meaningful.

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