@gemlog how do you have 249 subscribers on with no videos having joined yesterday, and I have 1 subscriber, 1 video and joined yesterday? Will I gain 248 subscribers if I remove my video, or do i need to change my deodorant?

@cosullivan I? I don't recall even uploading a video. And if I did, I don't pursue subscribers or followers, because it seems kind of silly to me. I don't know. That's weird.
I may have uploaded something to test it, if someone asked for testing.

@gemlog are you on a more popular platform? Or are bots finding you and subscribing to you? I'm on a French-language platform with reduced bandwidth, I don't expect the world to come knocking, unless I post the URL on

@cosullivan I am truly baffled. Perhaps they are using the number of followers for gemlog on masto? It's something like that by now. All I can think of.

@cosullivan I went to one without logging in, searched for gemlog and found zero subscribers.

@cosullivan Yes, look: it's showing you gemlog on the german server - my home instance. That's my regular number of followers. Ish. I see 282 on
Mystery solved.

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