Hey people enrolled in 's , did you receive anything yet? Or even a notification of delay or issue?

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@cosullivan The Airdrop will take several days to complete, quoth the Stellar page on Keybase. They also purged heaps of suspected bot accounts, which probably means actual humans were purged as well. We shall see. Give it a few days yet.

@Shufei The humans who didn't have phone numbers for verification were dropped? Or the Canadian accounts excluded because verification was too costly were dropped? Wondering if I should put my phone number in

@cosullivan I don’t think so, as they said they purged duplicate accounts, probably by IP. I just checked and it says I’m still β€œin”, and I registered before the phone number dealio. I’ll give it a few days to disperse and that will tell. But as of now, Keybase says I’m registered without phone number. It couldn’t hurt, if you feel comfy giving that to Keybase, natch.

@Shufei I too have an Airdrop icon on my profile. I received the Sept 2019 airdrop. As my US phone number is going away by 2020 I added it to my profile.

@drtelnet did you have a phone number for verification or for your friends to find you?

@cosullivan yes I have a phone number on my keybase account and this is the 2nd drop I've got. First one was in early Sept.

Also, what do I do with this xlm? I'm thinking about exploring coinbase to cash my wallet out to actual $USD

@drtelnet I just added my phone number. I hope it's not too late, and i didn't get skipped in the airdrop for lack of one.

@drtelnet I haven't done anything with other than exchange to test how the system work. A friend of mine in tough times I'm trying to coax into it so I can be her benefactor and send her $.

@drtelnet @cosullivan Lumens do have some bright points. They really are more efficient to crunch the numbers, less energy hogging, no mining. So far I’ve seen few online services take them. All things being equal, it’s still probably best to move them to zCash z-addresses or Monero, haha.

@Shufei @cosullivan yeah I'm looking to offload them to USD pretty quickly :)

@drtelnet Now I want to look into 'arbitrage' adding currencies other than CAD and USD, like GBP @Shufei

@cosullivan @drtelnet If you have nerves of steel and (someone else’s) pocket cash to invest, that might be a fine racket in a few months time. A fence could do nicely moving GBP to CAD via zCash when Brexit goes down eh.

@Shufei I've learned that it's profitable to purchase GBP in the fall/winter and sell in the spring/summer Maybe that's the same pattern for Euros too. @drtelnet

@cosullivan @drtelnet It’s logical. Europeans take holiday in late summer and autumn, dumping heaps abroad.

@drtelnet @cosullivan Coinbase will do. It’s basically a bank now. Make sure to use Pro for best fees.

@Shufei Thank you. I've been trying to manifest capital growth opportunities through affirmations, perception shift, and trust in the universe. this little bit helps. @drtelnet

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