May we please revive hashtagging interests in ? I feel for the newcomers to the who aren't told that only the words and phrases are , unlike .
They'd have instant magic of connection with the trick of hashtagging their interests, like so:

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@cosullivan that's twice you mentioned #geocaching in that para, giving us all a signal I guess ;)

@shirishag75 Yes, that I'm lonely and need to get out more. 'Signal' is the name of's frog mascot. 😁

@cosullivan with linux, commandline, 'signal' had to be there somewhere. A somewhat old debian user at your service :)

@cosullivan likewise, it's hard to meet people with same/similar interests, although there are more here then elsewhere.

@cosullivan I've been here for a year or two and I never knew only hashtags were searchable

@wizard We do a good turn to share this info so people can write that attract and retain and followers.
I used to introductions that had either 5 to 7 or all of the interests hashtagged. The introduction toots dwindled. Years ago, automated a 'how-to-introduce-yourself' message to new users but it's optional, and sadly overlooked by the multitudes of instances today.

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