@Gargron As "Masto" pertains to 'breast', and "don" pertains to 'teeth', I feel you missed out on comedy gold by not labelling platform's rather than 'toots.'


I am much more curious, however, about the etymology of mammoth<-mammuthus<-mammouth<-мамант possibly Uralic *mē̮ŋ-ońt "earth-horn"

Teeth with bumpy bits is far less salacious than nipple-toothed. New Latin was/is silly.

@irrelephant @cosullivan I had to look up new latin. I read a book on latin for botany so it was at times really awful and in this case refers to Greek. Though sometimes they got confused and mixed the two as in TV. But I still like Titbits

@DesCoutinho If a Canadian created something similar it'd be Moosetodon and toots would be Timbits @irrelephant

@cosullivan @irrelephant I'd happily join a Canadian social media site everyone would be ever so polite. And Timbits sounds exotic because I have no idea what it refers to. Ok enough for today. I'll come back tomorrow if it stays like this going to be so much better for my heart.

@DesCoutinho There seriously is a Moosetodon. People are friendly there, but I wager the bulk of toots are read by the UTC -5 crowd. (Lonely BC Moosetodonian speaking here) @irrelephant

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