@nifker Gopher TLS support is not β€œofficial” as there is currently no RFC to define it. However, it is possible to add a layer to a server.

@cosullivan there is something so clean and simple about gopher text that just appeals to me. Awesome job promoting gopher!!

@cosullivan @Snowcrash when I checked all the gopher stuff on @SDF there was so much to read I didn't know where to start.

@ffuentes Info overload happens to me too. I look at tutorials, read the ten to twelve most recently updated accounts. Sometimes on I search for in toots so I know who's updated on other gopherspaces. @Snowcrash @SDF

@cosullivan @ffuentes @SDF I do the same thing honestly. That and fart around on bboard or jump on com. Last night I dialed into the openvoip which was a bit of a jump for me.

@Snowcrash I want to read how you managed that. Did or can you post your openvoip adventure procedures on ? 😁
Tbh I encountered your gopher account before your Mastodon one.

@cosullivan I’ve been trying to give mastodon more of a shot. It’s been my ignored social media experiment for too long. Re: Voip I was in com on sdf chat with people and listening to @snowdusk when his hour ended and openvoip started, it announced a number to call and boom, I was taking on with @hobbsc and another gent. Was an odd but interesting experience.

@cosullivan even easier there was a regular phone number to call. Just dialed in. Easy peasey

@cosullivan @Snowcrash

How does one find other gopher users?

I ask because when I changed website providers a few months back, I started a gopher hole which has the same content.

@yam655 @cosullivan @Snowcrash the phlog listings in sdf and elsewhere are a great resource for this. Some of the more popular gopher holes have lots of links to get lost in, also:


@yam655 I'd search for , and hashtags in Mastodon. @Snowcrash I neglected to mention earlier using search engine in for keywords can help you find phlogs of interest. You can list them on your for yourself and your visitors.

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